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About theRishon

In the beginning was the word

And the word was “Rishon”, which in Hebrew means the first.

This word is the best reflects the spirit of our company. We always strive to be the first progressive, using the most modern technologies.





The priority of our work format – long-term cooperation. This is ideal for maximum understanding of the specifics of our clients and guarantee the provision of a better service. Enlightenment thought highly appreciates the openness of secular society as a positive counterweight to religious intolerance. In romanticism attracted openness to characterize poetic and artistic image, which is always irresistibly beyond its limits. For F. Schlegel openness of the subject or ideas provided by irony. According to the artist and thinker returns things their infinite symbolic nature. According to Schopenhauer, the openness inherent above all music, the prototype of all the arts.


In the field of standardization of safety of products, processes and services is generally considered to achieve an optimal balance of several factors, including non-technical factors such as human behavior, which allows to reduce avoidable risk associated with the possibility of damage to the health of people and property, to an acceptable level.


High readiness to perform tasks of professional activity. Professionalism makes it possible to achieve significant quantitative and qualitative results of work with less physical and mental strength through the use of rational methods of performing work assignments. Professionalism manifests itself in the systematic improvement of professional skill, creativity, the ability to efficiently meet the increasing demands of social production and culture.