How to build own website without spending

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What are the pros and cons get a business owner? As we know, every coin has two sides.

Almost free

The easiest way – to choose an online service that provides design templates sites with accommodation on their host servers. You have to do only – write some text, draw and come up with a logo, do a photo shoot of your product (of course, you can find analogues in the internet, but there may be problems with the owners) to find a suitable design specifics of your business. Load the admin panel of your content and images – Ready! Easily and quickly. This option is worth nothing except his own time.

What will have to sacrifice for its ease and speed?

In the first place, in the event of a change of service or running a professional project (and as practice shows, it will happen sooner or later), the new website will have to create from scratch. The reason is simple – the design is not just yours or not taking (as the repair of the apartment), and if I can at least move the database to a new web site is unknown, because these services usually offer their own software solutions.

Secondly, many people wishing always free, and server memory is still not limitless. Therefore, owners of the service, have income primarily from related services. The result – advertising and very limited support conditions. For example, and this is a real case, the company has 550 employees, with 44 million users. In other words, each member of the team, including the Directorate and programmers, accounting for nearly 80,000 sites. Under such conditions simply do not really provide full customer service. On the promotion of your site by the company and can be no question.

Third, and perhaps most importantly is the name of the site – the domain. 100% of cases, if it’s a free account, your web site will be posted on the subdomain ( Until you become a famous brand, but to “promote” your site, the higher position in search tied exclusively to the domain name. Once you have changed the service and, of course, a domain name – you will immediately lose all users and all positions in the search engines, not to mention the time and effort that was spent on all the achievements. This can happen in addition to your desire, because you are completely dependent on the company offering a similar service. For example, they can change the owner, which often leads to a deterioration in the quality of service, if not ruined.

For empowerment, such as connecting your own domain, the volume increase corporate email and other facilities – need to connect already paid accounts.

How-to free

Another option is to seek help from another programmer/web designer. Based on the prevalence of these professions, such exists virtually everyone. Pluses are obvious – the cause will undertake professional.

Which in this case lacks?

First, it must be a generalist, that to date, at a certain specialization of programmers, designers and web developers – a rarity. The result is a web site with steep software bells and whistles, but specifically for you is not necessary, or beautiful, but it is not running on the client images.

Second, if the time to develop and allocate to each, then free support and promotion – no. In extreme cases, this will be done in his (or her) free time, and not when it is necessary for your business.

In the third, even better friend to pay as it is quite a difficult job. And if something goes wrong, it can hurt and relationships. Still, friendship is friendship and business is business.

And of course, domain and hosting of any need to pay.

Minimum cost

Practically, this is the best way to make a free site. There are many free platforms that allow you to create their own site: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Simple, etc. These are available and design templates, including free.

In this case, almost no disadvantages

Independent construction site begins on condition that you free time and desire to learn new skills – to comprehend what CMS, user interface, usability, adaptive coding, cross-platform, server host, domain, search engine optimization, as well as acquire skills for design, image processing , the ability to write advertising copy and more. In short, you should be ready to become a web developer. Even if at first you do not succeed, and your business will go bankrupt during this time, you will get a decent and interesting profession.

Costs are minimal – buy a domain and pay for hosting. Costs over time – despite what result you want. Quickly, if not the above skills, does not work. While dismantled what’s what, a month or two will pass and you will already be able to cook up something. Want quality and really useful for business website? Three or four years at least, and the best practice on various projects. By the way, at first, that is simpler and almost free – what a skilled businessman trust begins to build a website for your business.

In total

Think carefully and consider all the risks before undertaking the independent creation, support and promotion of the website. By and large, you will not just promote the site and your business!

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